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One of the key advantages that big labels have over the DIY musician or independent artist is that the labels have money. Not as much as they used to but a heck of a lot more than most.

But they don’t have the upper hand

The funny thing is that -and I literally do chuckle when I think about it- the only thing that separates independent artists from labels is really just knowledge. Sure they have a staff of people working but having a bunch of hands on deck really compares nothing to what goes on upstairs in someone’s head.

Think about Steve Jobs. Would Apple be what it is today without his knowledge?

Being a truly savvy DIY musician actually puts you at the TRUE advantage over the label. It’s the advantage that you can own the music but also own the knowledge over the sources of your income.

Knowledge is power and power is where the money goes

And there are plenty of ways to make money with music. Not all methods are equal or will work for your particular situation, but wouldn’t you rather know what they are so you can seek them out yourself?

How about if there are 42 of them?

So if knowledge is power then shouldn’t you be rushing out to your local library or scouring the internet? Well yeah you should, but since you are here at Seeds of Music I want you to know that I like to bring the best information right to you from the source.

Learn the streams

Kristin Thomson is an entrepreneur, musician, and the Co-Director of the Artist Revenue Streams research project at Future of Music Coalition. These guys are all about empowering you when it comes to governmental policy and law affecting the music industry. In 1992 she also co-ran an independent label called Simple Machines that was putting out 70 records.

It’s at the Artist Revenue Streams Project where she dissected all the different possible ways that you can make a living with music. She came up with 42.

I’m going to talk with Kristin about the streams that seem to work the best and then tell you where you can check out the rest.

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Check out Kristin’s links

Look at all 42 of the music income streams

Take a quiz and see how much you know about money and music

Learn the flow of money and how musicians are compensated

What income streams are you looking to use?

Leave a comment in the box below and let us know if you are already using or plan on using one of the 42 streams to be making money with music.

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