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Questions about music licensing?

How much can independent artists make from music licensing?

What kinds of genres have more success?

What do musicians need to do before thinking about licensing?

What do music licensing companies like Round Hill Music look for when placing songs?

Someone who knows about music licensing

These are all legitĀ  questions that might be running through your head right now, but rest assured, Mallory is on the show now to give you the exact procedure straight from the source on how to successfully get your music licensed in TV, film, or video games.

You see, she knows how to get songs licensed the right way. She’s the Director of Creative at Round Hill Music, a licensing company if you guessed it:)

Just what has she done? She’s worked with Bjork, studied at Berklee, handled the Gershwin catalogs, and even handled song placement for the video game Bioshock.

*On a side note I’m very sad that Irrational games has closed its doors :(

Licensing your music is just one of many viable sources of income for musicians, and all you have to do is watch this interview to learn how you can take the next step to making more money with music.

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Are you going to try and license your music?

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