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Hate Selling? Turn It Into Something Genuine and STILL Make Money With Music

Let’s face it…no one of us independent artists really likes the idea of selling anything, and more often than not we refer to sales as a necessary evil.

You have to sell out a little to make any money

Personally I don’t subscribe to those win-lose situations as I always look for a way for people to get everything that they want.

The necessary evil

And that search brought me to Julianna Raye. She has taught me that it’s possible for a creative artist to take sales skills and actually transform them into something positive that not only earns her a living but treats her fans very well.

Julianna is able to take sales skills and use them to build genuine connections with her fans beyond just her music. Again I’m talking about “beyond her music” because she understands, having been on a major label and licensing music to big film (Kevin Costner wanted one of her songs for his film Open Range), that making great music is not enough.

Making great music is not enough, you have to have a plan for getting more fans and making money with music.

Essentially Julianna has taken the “evil” out of “necessary evil” in selling.

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