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How One Indie Band Sold More Albums in 6 Months Than The Past Two Years

Nothing sucks more than putting in the time to sell albums and not really make any progress with that. I mean…I’m sure that there’s a lot that you are doing to make that happen but you are still not getting results.

It probably feels like you’ll never crack the code on how to get fans to buy your music from your website or iTunes or wherever you distribute it.

What if I told you that you can sell more albums in a fourth the time that it has taken you so far? Would you want to check it out?

That’s exactly what the indie band Hydrogen Skyline has done, had more success selling music online in 6 months than the past two years that they’ve existed as a band.

So yeah, they haven’t been around that long and are really still in the beginning stages of their career, but the fact that they can have that much success early on, even if the money is modest…doesn’t that tell you something.

And it’s all done with something very simple.

Watch the interview to find out more.

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