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How To Get Better Paying Gigs Playing Cover Songs

Ever negotiate with a venue owner to get payed to play? What’s the most you’ve ever gotten? Okay…what’s the average that you make per gig? Do you play originals or covers?

Chances are you aren’t making more than $100 and your average is just about that OR you make more but it’s not enough to keep you from worrying about rent. Of course then there is the day job for most of us.

Getting paid what you’re worth

If you are a badass musician you’re not getting paid what you are worth. I’m sure of it.

Case in point, I had the pleasure of jamming out with a guy named Katsuo Takeda in one of the blues jams in the valley when I used to live there. Blues/Jazz guitarist and a phenomenal player. You can see him play “Every Day I’ve Got The Blues” here.

I took lessons from him for a time and was shocked at how much he charged. I think it was something like $30 for a half hour. He was definitely worth more than that, but being a money strapped musician myself I kept my mouth shut and jumped on that opportunity (unfortunately I left the valley and stopped lessons).

So you’re not paid what you’re worth unless…

The point is that it’s hard to get paid “what you are worth”, but only when you don’t negotiate well.

I knew Kaz’s worth as a teacher, but does a venue owner know your worth?

How is anyone supposed to know what you are worth unless you explain it to them? Convince them?

If Kaz would have clearly explained to me what results I would see with guitar (as long as they aligned with my goals or solved my problems) then I guarantee that myself and any other student would have been willing to pay more.

People pay for results.

Go from $100 a gig to $250

Kevin Foster knows how to explain, negotiate, and convince venue owners of his results. Results meaning money for the venue and increasing his own “worth” as a performer.

Here a couple points we cover in this interview:

  • How to negotiate for better pay. Go from $100 to $250 per gig
  • How to leverage cover songs to gain fans of your original music
  • How to deal with musicians who try to undercut your rates

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