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How To Build Your Fan Email List For Free Using Mailchimp

I’ve interviewed quite a few artists. A lot of them write original music and have careers based off that. Yup, they make a living with music.

Take Joy Ike for example who I interviewed a while back. She makes a full time living with music. Want to know what her #1 tool for making that happen is?

It’s not Facebook.

It’s not Twitter.

It’s DEFINITELY not Reverb Nation

It’s actually her email list.

The success trend

What I’m noticing more and more (and what was already apparent to me from entrepreneurs in the online space) is that the “more” successful artists who don’t have label deals are really using their email list to do a couple things.

  1. Grow their fan base
  2. Build stronger fan bonds
  3. Make money by selling tickets, merch, house concerts, music, etc through emails.

Why email works

Email beats social media in a few key ways:

1. Email is permission based

Fans give their email willingly which opens them up and makes them more receptive to your communications. Think about someone who gives you their phone number versus a someone else who you find theirs in the phone book. Who is going to hang up sooner?

2. Higher interest

More consideration goes into giving out an email than following someone on Twitter meaning that person is actually really interested in your music.

3. Stronger attention

Because of the nature of social media there is a lot to pull a person’s attention away from what they are reading or watching. In Facebook this would be ads in the sides and pictures from other parts of the feed. For Twitter it’s the “trends” and “who to follow” widgets plus the fact that the url’s and pictures show up right in the feed.

4. Email readers actually do what you ask

This has everything to do with permission, attention, and ultimately trust. Studies back up hard data that emails get more link clicks (to your iTunes store or whatever you want). Want to start a conversation? Send a casual email posing a question and ask them to reply! That’s the hustle that wins you years of support.

So in this mini-lesson I’m going to keep it short and show you how to get started building an email list of fans using the free service Mailchimp (it’s what I use). We’ll create your first list and then make a “signup form” that you can put anywhere on your website that allows your to paste HTML code.

Create your free Mailchimp account

Mailchimp is totally free to sign up. To follow this tutorial you’ll need to click here to create a free account.

This is an affiliate link which means if you sign up by clicking that link Mailchimp will credit some $$$ to the Seeds of Music’s account. I have to use the paid version, but it’s still free for you and this way you can help support the show. Thank you!

Let’s go!

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